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Early Works
  • Early Works Initiative

    We're Connecting School to Neighborhood

    We imagine a vibrant neighborhood centered around the school, with the school providing a range of services for every child and family.

  • Early Works Initiative

    We're Investing in
    Early and Continual Learning

    We're building a place rich with opportunities for children to experience learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Early Works Initiative

    We Believe in
    Family and Community

    This will be a place where children can achieve academic success and develop resiliency within their families and community.

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    We're Creating
    Lifelong Learners and Productive Citizens

    By starting early with children and families, we’re creating the building blocks for lifelong learning and success.

  • Early Works Initiative

    We're Inspiring

    We hope this effort inspires early childhood and K-12 integration efforts throughout our state and the nation.

  • Early Works Initiative

    We're Learning Together

    We are asking tough questions, challenging ourselves and our partners to find best practices and better answers.

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Partner Spotlight

Mt Hood Community College Head Start

Head Start at Mt. Hood Community College is working with community partners to offer high-quality early childhood education and family support services.

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